Averty Helena

Structured Products Sales, Vontobel

Investments Speed Dating

Barlassina Marco

Editor in Chief, Forbes.it

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Battaglini Raffaele

Founder, Battaglini De Sabato Law Firm

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Bernardi Daniele

CEO, Diaman

Disrupting the Financial Distribution Business Model

Bertelli Ruggero

Associate Professor, University of Siena

Product Governance, KID Risk and Expected Return from a Retail Clients point of view

Bilokon Paul

CEO and Founder, AI fintech Thalesians

Implementing Neocybernetics

Blattmann Eric

Head of Public Distribution Investment Strategies Europe, Bank Vontobel

EIF: Tracker Certificates Thematic Investments for portfolio diversification

Boldrin Marco

Partner and CEO, Copernicus Asset Management

EIF: White Fleet III Globes Italy Equity Star / Investments Speed Dating

Bonollo Michele

Sr Risk Expert, Numerix - LLC Politecnco Milano FINRISKALERT

KID for PRIIPs 1 year later. Some empirical evidence about the risk measure and the reward scenarios

Brigo Damiano

Chair of Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis, Imperial College London

Interpretability in deep learning

Bruni Donato

Senior Fund Manager, Copernicus Asset Management

EIF: White Fleet II Thalia Select UCITS Fund

Bruscagin Alessandro

CEO, Archeide

Investments Speed Dating

Carluccio Emanuele Maria

Partner, Quantalys

Services Speed Dating

Cicoria Michele

BDS Head of Retail and Wholesale Italy at Fenthum (partner of Ethenea I.I. and MAINFIRST)

Investments Speed Dating

Dury Dries

CFA, Fund Manager

EIF: DPAM Invest B Equities NEWGEMS Sustainable

Giangrande Mauro

Head of Passive Sales, Italy & Iberia , DWS

Investments Speed Dating

Gorini Roberto

CEO & Founder, Noku

Token Economy: How to print your money

Kadareja Altin

Co- Founder & CEO, Cardo AI

Services Speed Dating

Kumiega Andrew

Assistant Professor of Analytics, Stuart School of Business

Robots, Chicken, Mustangs, Robots: A circular path between Engineering and Finance

Lattanzi Patrizio

CEO, Fiduciaria Digitale

Services Speed Dating

Legind-German Kevin

Client Executive, International Asset Management Sale, SEB

Investments Speed Dating

Leyland Ben

CFA - Sr Fund Manager, JOHCM

Heads we win, tails we don’t lose too much – navigating through increasingly volatile markets / EIF: JOHCM Global Opportunities Fun

Lillo Fabrizio

Professor of Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance, University of Bologna (Italy)

Market impact and slippage costs of large trades

Llaneza Martin Alberto

CEO, Audentia Capital Group

EIF: Audentia World FX Fund / Investments Speed Dating

Lobuono Lucrezia

PR manager, CoinShare

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Loconsolo Federica

Head of Institutional and International Business Development, Etica Sgr

Turning ESG Analysis into a competitive advantage

Miccoli Christian

Co Founder, Conio

Bitcoin, the Future of Money

Morgantini Federico

Co-founder & CEO, Gooruf

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Palella Salvatore

Founder & CEO, Helbiz

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Pennacchio Aniello

CFA, Sales Italy, Institutional Sales International

Investments Speed Dating

Perna Amedeo

Entrepreneur & Consultant BlockChain

Eyes on ICO, Roundtable by FORBES.it

Postoupalski Vladislav

Private entrepreneur

Blockchain for real: development of alternative markets and/or solutions in the real economy sectors

Rizzi Fabrizio

Business Development Director, Best Vision

Services Speed Dating

Rutz Thomas

Fund Manager and CEO of MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers (Switzerland)

EIF: How to Generate Attractive Returns With Emerging Market High Yields

Sepp Artur

Head of Research, Quantica Capital

Trend-Following CTAs vs Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) products: crisis beta vs risk-premia alpha

Tasca Paolo

Centre for Blockchain Technologies, University College London

Tokenisation of World Economy

Vadgama Nikhil

Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Emerging Technology Applications to Asset Management

Wilmott Paul

Mathematician, author and financial consultant

Machine Learning and Me: A love/hate relationship

Zanon Michael

CEO, Diaman Tech

Services Speed Dating